Snatching Mini’s

This post will be an ongoing themed post involving BMW’s Mini Cooper. I just loved this car so immensely that I had to blog about all of the different designs I’ve come across. The way I see it the Mini Cooper is today’s newest version of the other guys small vehicle.

I thought this was an interesting, displaying a mini inbetween two “normal” sized vehicles.

I caught this shot while walking down 5th avenue.

Signed sealed and delivered! A gifted wrapped mini on Wall St.

Here is a shot of the same mini dealership on Wall St. with a reflected image of myself.

I found this mini in front of Macy’s on 34th Street. This one has been the most creative display of a mini so far that i’ve come across. You can really feel as if you could shake it.

I passed this mini on my way to Washington Square Park, it was sitting right outside of the building that Kate Hudson came out of in the movie How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

This was in Grammercy Park, I liked how the bicycle was sitting right next to it as if there was a story to tell.

Here’s another shot of that same Mini.

Spotted a red one on the opposite side of the street while walking to WSQ.