I’m a Designer based in New York City, I love anything and everything that encompasses digital creative and social media. In addition I also have a background in illustration, mostly self-taught through illustrating comic books and briefly instructed via college (Academy of Art University). I enjoy putting my mind to work, venturing out to uncharted territories where true innovation lives.

Presently I’m working with a group of gifted individuals. We harness our special powers together in developing web experiences for a variety of platforms that can be anything from web sites to mobile apps, e-commerce or interactive media. You can think of us as the digital version of the Uncanny X-Men. Only thing is we on’t get to wear colorful spandex and swing from roof top to roof top. I also enjoy a whole slew of music ranging from hardcore/screamo, tech house, ballads, hip-hop, new wave etc…

I believe that having lots of avenues to draw inspiration can only help when looking to create. You never know when something that may seem meaningless will come into play on a current project(s). Limiting interest can only limit what the mind will ultimately conceive.

You can HIRE me or you can follow me on  @JR1018 I’ll appreciate both the previous more so. 🙂

Web Designer

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