The Art of NY Walking.

If you’re a New Yorker like me or just visiting, there’s a good chance that you partook in an activity most don’t seem to realize. I’ve done some pretty extensive traveling from playing in a hardcore/metal band, we’ve been to Europe, Japan, Canada & all over the United States. And in each of these places I’ve never came across what you’ll encounter in a NY second.

If you ever walked up and down the streets of NY, I’m 100% positive you’ve experience how fast everything in New York moves at blazing speeds, including its people. We are always in a rush whether it’s going to the office, home, to catch a taxi, make a dinner/movie, rush rush rush is the order of the day. That seems to be the life of a true New Yorker. A mist all of the chaos are unspoken rules of doing things. Sure hitting the streets can be a daunting task and scary if you’re new to this, so with that I’m here to shed some light on the subject.

Here are some unspoken tips about walking in NYC. Upon leaving the apartment please know where you are heading, it’s only to your benefit and the benefit of others. This will help you blend in and keep NYer’s from knowing your from out-of-town, we know this because tourist tend to look up at all the pretty tall buildings and block the cross walk’s making commuting around more difficult and demanding.

If by chance you’re walking in a large group do not and I repeat do not walk in a single horizontal line blocking the entire sidewalk! There’s about a bazillion other people using the sidewalks, this is not a hoedown! So please for the love of everything, just don’t.

Learn to bob and weave it’s critical to making great time if you need to be somewhere. Think of it as playing foot ball, you have the pig skin in your hands and all you want to see is the goal (destination). I like to picture myself as an unstoppable force like the Juggernaut, nothing is going to stand in my way and I will steamroll right over you if you try to stop me. Old ladies included (but only when I’m hungry, and running to get something to eat) j/k maybe 🙂

Walking in the city you could also come across a phenomenon that is big in NY possibly in other places also? Not popular with me but big nonetheless, Sagging! *Proceed with Caution* Sagging refers to when a person(s) has their jeans hanging off their ass, which to me is not in good taste, but be forewarned. I’ve come across a few instances in which the individual hasn’t taking the proper sanitary precautions if you get what I’m saying.

Here’s a small list of other possible situations:

1. Rude people leaving a cloud of smoke destruction in their wake (sorry but we aren’t all smokers).

2. Taxi’s trying to mow you down for that next cab passenger.

3. Women’s pumps becoming caught in a steel street grade (hilarious when found, it’s rare kind of like catching a unicorn).

That’s it for now, if anyone would like to add onto the list please do. It will be kind of a how to.


2 thoughts on “The Art of NY Walking.

  1. A very entertaining, and well written read. When I come to New York I will remember this stuff and try to hit the streets like a pro.

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