New year creative.

The year 2011 looms right around the corner, and it will inevitably come whether we want it to or not. New years brings with it traditions and a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over (New Years Resolutions). So what are my resolutions, what areas will I hone my X-Man powers to improve on?

Here they are listed by importance.

  1. Work on getting my ass onto a agency :looking at: R/GA, Big Spaceship, Razorfish, AKQA.
  2. Consume all that life has to offer, and continue to live it to the fullest.
  3. Continue working on my digital skills and learning them so well as to execute them flawlessly, HTML, CSS, Adobe CS5 Master Suite.
  4. Continue to create engaging, compelling work and a bad ass portfolio that won’t be denied.
  5. Create more content on my blog(s).
  6. Tweet more often.
  7. Get rid of junk Facebook emails.
  8. Travel more.
  9. Those pesky business cards I keep on forgetting.
  10. Free weight squat 5 plates ATG!

That sums up my short list and I’m quite certain that I can add tons more. What about you?