Unravellings of the sexy.

Today as I made my way across town to catch the 6 train to work I descended the stairs and came across one of those newsstands. Nothing special really these newsstands are all over New York City. Upon walking by while glancing at my twitter feed I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A good majority of the magazines this newsstand was selling had post it notes sprayed here and there, it was hard to miss really. Then as I peered more closely I noticed a few things, first thing was why these magazines had post it notes on them? Was it because it was covering women’s body parts? Ok I can understand that.

Then the second thought was were these magazines are considered provocative? They must be Playboy, Hustler or Black Tail (for the homies) but they weren’t at all, not one single magazine that was blotted out was of the porn industry so what gives? The magazines were all normal everyday run of the mill magazines like Vogue, Elle, Sports Illustrated SwimsuitVanity Fair etc… I don’t get it?

Ah I see now it’s because we as a society have said that this sort of material is inappropriate for public viewing. But I would have to disagree with this sort of thinking, I don’t think those mags put out any material any more sexy or provocative than if you took the day off and went to the beach. In fact you would probably see some more smut at a public beach or movie theater at night, ever been to 42nd Street Times Sq?

Our society has seem to be putting the cloth over our eyes more and more, and while I agree that porn and smut should be held under the table. I don’t feel the same action should be taken against such publications. Have you ever taken a look at what broad-casted on TV? There’s much more provocative shows and spots on there but you don’t see any authorities running in with both guns blazing. I’ve been to Europe, Japan and Canada on more than one occasion besides other parts of the United States, and those countries are far less close minded or maybe it’s better to say uptight than here in the good old U.S. of A.

I see this type of censorship more hurtful than helpful. I realize that we aren’t anything like North Korea but look how they are closed off from the rest of the world, being forced feed whatever their dictatorship says is suitable for consumption. To me that’s brainwash at its finest, don’t think or choose for yourself we will make that decision for you for everything that you do or your lives consist of! I’m sure North Korea didn’t start out this way it had to be built up and become what it is today, of course our country (USA) is nothing like that and I hope it never will be, but sometimes shielding people from the outside world or things on a much smaller scale like this can be a step backwards not forward.