Did you just do that, no like really?!

Living in NYC there are certain things you just expect, there’s the usual hustle and bustle fast pace, the crowded streets. There’s also countless amounts of tourist hitting all the touristy spots like Times Square, Grand Central, Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty among many other popular locales. New York City is also known for restaurants, theaters and its beloved Yankees.

But most people who don’t live here don’t know the dark-side of the city they might think they do but they really don’t. Living here I’ve experience all sorts of crazy things so vast and countless to remember them all but I’ll try. Let’s see there’s the time I was in a particular neighborhood in the Bronx and saw hookers roaming its streets stark naked they had on all but stilettos and a hand bag , all the while police cars drove past as if this was completely normal.

On 34th street and 5th avenue one day I’ve seen a man running from the police and tackle right in front of me, it was something straight out of the TV show Cops. In addition to all the other nutty stuff we’ve come to love about NY, the occasional unruly person, taxi cabs running people down, smokers puffing smoke in your face, 20 something year old guys and girls going clubbing/drinking and then puking their guts out in the street afterwards, bar fights etc…

While I’ve witness all of these things and tons more nothing has tested the very fiber of my being than what happened yesterday when I went to meet my developer/friend. We needed to check out a client of ours credentials in mid-town for a current website we are in the middle of designing. After we headed back down town on the N train and he and I are in the middle of a conversation and from afar I see a homeless man walking up the train car begging for money, a completely normal occurring activity for NYC. As he made his way past me out of sight I continued to converse, not after a minute passed did this homeless man take it upon himself to commence spitting on someone in close proximity to me. This liquid of filth then ricochet’s off of this person and I receive two specs landing flush on my left cheek. As if in that moment I possessed the speed of Flash I wiped my cheek and felt and unstoppable rage flow within me. It coursed through my veins like a rebel force going from 0-100mph in an instant.

I’m proud to say that I completely restrained myself and didn’t cause any bodily hard towards this homeless person who is completely out of his mind. And even though it would have felt good to pound him into a bloody pulp I didn’t. Thankfully I live close by and rushed home to take a shower, and even though I live close by every second that passed seemed like an eternity. I came home took off my clothes and gave them to be dry cleaned in addition to two showers, after the first one I still didn’t feel absolutely clean. My question is this why does the MTA allow for homeless people to ride and live on the trains?

Yes in fairness if a homeless individual can scrounge up enough money for train fair and ride it’s train system I can understand how they are allowed. It’s not like the MTA can remove them if so because that can be a lawsuit waiting to happen, and I’m sure plenty of lawyers would be aching to take on a case like this, the homeless person would probably walk out a millionaire? Have to love our justice system. But on the other end of the spectrum we as citizens have to pay ridiculous fares which increase every couple of months it seems, only to deal with these types of issues. Nice huh? Thankfully it was a crazy homeless person’s spit and not some knife wielding maniac psychopath. But who’s to say that this won’t happen in a way it already has just that the maniac wasn’t a homeless person.

The moral of the story is if you live or are planning to live in NYC or any other major city always be ready to be tested because you will, its what you do in that moment the defines your character as a person. And to the MTA come on man, do something to ensure that its riders have a more pleasant experience I mean it is your reputation when people choose to use your services.