So recently I’ve visited the Google offices here in NYC for their hackaton and I must say it was awesome! First I was shocked to learn of the location of the office nestled in a building that I’ve been to a million times and never once had a clue or indication that Google was located there. It’s so exclusive I might have as well have been visiting the CIA. Upon getting by security and climbing a deceivingly dingy rusty staircase that looks like it leads to a garbage dump I ascended into heaven or the garden of Eden you could say. Upon reaching the top of the staircase you’re greeted by a glass wall with an electronic lock on the door, no surprise there its Google remember. I entered the reception area which has an awesome masonic piece of the Google logo (see pic), also included is a waiting area with comfy couches and flat screens loaded with what else but Google TV.

The office is huge and occupies an entire warehouse floor, it’s laid out like the map of Manhattan. When you enter the doors the location starts in Brooklyn and moves uptown going through each neighborhood until reaching the top (Washington Heights). They have anything you could possibly want delicious food, awesome toys (ping pong, Lego room) and you can ride scooters everywhere.

If even given the chance to visit the office or better yet work there, I highly recommend it!! It quite awesome being surrounded by people from other agencies who are smart creative and enjoy innovating new useful applications for the web. I know when the new one rolls around I will be ready to head over again and work to my heart’s content!

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