Google+ Invite =myThoughts

Disclaimer: My opinions on Google+ are my impression of this new application presently, these thoughts can change later and most likely will due to learning about the platform. At the moment it’s pretty cool, maybe later it could suck maybe not idk?

Ok so yesterday I wrote a post about Google’s new Google+ project stating that maybe their “circles” idea could possibly cause one to isolate there self from new opinions or points of views. In fairness I would like to give my point of view after being one of the view to actually receive an invite (Thanks @Jerlyn). So upon entering the application it seemed as though I was logged in but not fully, it took some time for it to fully let me in (or at least that’s how it seemed?) after fumbling around for a good 10-15 minutes trying to figure out how the project functions I finally started to understand.

First impression are the most visceral usually upon entering you immediately can see that this was design in Google fashion, minimalistic, clean and fully functional. Circles seems very flexible in which you can create one with any title you so choose, the default are friends, family, acquaintances, follows and on the far left one more (blank) to create others. I’m still not sure if these circles interconnect in some way? Meaning if I add a friend to a circle which has others in it and that friend creates a circle will those two circles overlap in some way, leaving the possibility open for new connections? We’ll have to wait and see, but you can search for people who have a Google+ account.

Another feature I noticed is that Google has adopted the Facebook wall but instead call it a stream. It functions in pretty much the exact same way as FB does the difference is that it’s broken up just like your created circle groups, keeping content sharable to selected individuals. Google’s version of the like button is the +1 button so you can +1 photos, comments, videos etc… Posted photos are broken up into separate albums clickable/side scrollable and allows the viewer to comment, the background is black giving the photos a cleaner look and allows for more depth. While writing this I received a notification that someone commented me back, on the upper right of the black bar that has been getting a lot of negative reviews, there’s a red box which informs you with the number of notifications.

Now on to the users profile. It’s set up kind of in Facebook fashion but tweaked, profile picture is on the left with your friends listed beneath, the rest of the content is set up like this Name (title) then you have a gray bar underneath with post, about, photos, videos and +1’s accompanied with a blue edit profile on the right. More insights/reviews as I discover more while playing around with it.

In the meanwhile here are some shots of Google+


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