Google + circles = Bubble?

Yesterday Google announced its new social networking component Google+, touted as a possible Facebook killer Google+ aims to fix social media sharing. Google stated social media sharing at the moment is ridged in the fact that sharing with an individual’s network when posting an updated status is then shared to their entire network. Google says they fixed this with “circles”, circles is a function used by the application in which makes sharing a lot more streamlined. Any media updates are controlled and made possible to share within a specific group of individuals. Basically circles functions as within a social networking platform so that you can break up your entire network into subgroups or smaller specific networks.

I think the initial idea is great but it makes me wonder about another post I’ve read from Chris Matthew (@cdmtthws) of Dumbo’s Big Spaceship. In a past Think blog post “The Power of Potential” Chris mentioned “Arguably one of the strongest assets to social networks is the ability to connect yourself with people or things you may never actually be physically or socially connected to ever in your real life.”. This makes me wonder about Google+ did they take this into consideration when creating this social platform? This circle feature (while a great idea) enables the user to create social networking bubbles, I just wonder even though Google circles allows the user to create multiple bubbles (at least that’s how I understand it) will it become stale or will it entice the user to continue using the application?

From a web designer’s perspective it’s beautifully simple and put together nicely, clean, colorful and filled with easy usability the very things Google is known for. I think Google should allow these circles to inter connect in some way shape or form, while still giving the creator of the circle to admin those connectivity interactions. I for one am intrigued to see how all of this will unfold for Google.


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