Hello Comrad!

You commie bastard

I’ve learned quite a few important lessons these past few days. I’ve learned in order to have an awesome creative team at the root of it must be trust. Trust is vital to success, some of the best creative shops encourage a culture in which everyone gets along and can fully trust each other. These are people who you spend more time with than your own families! How can one create never before seen creative if you can’t trust someone on your team?

I can sense a strong camaraderie when I check out other agencies and see how they interact with each other. And that’s the kind of shop I would like to be at, people that I know will have my back till the end-who will walk into the fires of hell with you with a smile on there face.

When choosing members of a team, everyone must gel together like a well oiled machine, like a transformer (I’m fond of the deceptions). The camaraderie should be strong. I mean you will already be faced with tons of challenges from the outside (client pitches, new business), why introduce them within the team and self sabotage?

There’s no way a creative team can function to full capacity when there’s a weak link. Just as the saying goes “your only as strong as your weakest link”. I look to surround myself with positive people that I can trust, not someone that when I turn my back I’m going to have a Rambo knife stuck in it.

To all the cool agencies out there who have members that cherish each other, you’re all cool with me! Continue to nourish this because it’s special. Keep rocking!


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