Up in smoke.

I’m not quite sure if you’re aware of a new smoking law which has gone into effect recently? This law which has been passed back and forth over the table for some time now has finally been implemented by city hall. It’s been talked about for the past couple of days on all the media channels, and they’ve been interviewing people on the street about it some for it and others not. Of course asking a smoker to not smoke is easier said than done.

What really caught my attention was while watching the news about the subject they also stated that city hall expects for its citizens to enforce this new law. Ah No. Why should citizens enforce this law or any other for that matter? That is the job of law enforcement to do so, isn’t that one of the reasons why we pay taxes to employ cops? If citizens are now expected to uphold this law the city is putting its citizens in possible harm’s way. All it takes is for someone to take offense to the request of “can you please put out your cigarette, you’re not supposed to be smoking here” for an incident to take place.

Yesterday while walking home I was curious to see if this new law had any change, so I made my way through 14th St. Union Sq park. Anyone familiar with this area knows it’s one of NYC’s main hubs, and if there was any smoking happening this would be one of the spots in which it would take place. To my surprise as I entered the park did I see one person puffing, and they had police patrolling the area. The same night in which I saw the 11 o’clock news, at the time they depicted people still lighting up in the park(s).

It was also mentioned that other cities have implemented this smoking law sometime ago and has been working. So we’ll have to wait and see if this will transition over smoothly here?


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