The Flash would be a GOD!

As I sit here relaxing after a night filled with feverishly intense motion graphics I got the thinking. Would The Flash rule in today’s world of flash animation? Sure he was the fastest super hero in the DC Universe, but was he a good or even mediocre flash developer? Probably not… I recently went to a seminar @ Noble Desktop, if you ever have a chance to check them out do so. They stated at a current seminar (located in Soho) that the current notion that HTML5 is killing Flash is a farce, untrue, bull-crap! In fact flash developers are so grossly over worked, but paid well in accordance to skill level(s).

Clients pay extremely well for these developers to create flash banner advertisements on sites such as LinkedIn or Google in order to reach a broader audience. Most of these flash ninjas have personal websites which have been put on the back burner because they simply have no time to update content due to being so busy. This might sound far fetched but it’s the truth. Being a motion graphic artist myself I know how time consuming projects can become. From storyboarding/composing a concept suitable for a clients product or service, to then using the appropriate media (adobe illustrator, photoshop) to prepare all of your assets. In addition to a looming deadline that must be met in order to please your client, not to mention the head developer and your boss.

So why is there such a high demand for something that is dying out, like a prehistoric dinosaur sinking quickly in black tar? Well for one HTML5 while it’s being boasted as the next holy grail is still in its infancy. Not all browsers are fully capable of supporting it, but flash has been around the block sort of speak. All browsers support it and while Apple has been leading the crusade against it Safari supports it as well. I won’t even get into the whole iPhone/iPad issue. Another reason flash gurus are being snatched up by agencies is that flash is not so easy to learn. Other than learning straight flash once one gets deeper into the discipline you’ll more than likely start getting into actionscript. Actionscript is flashes code or language for lack of a better term, OO AS 3.0 is another way to incorporate flash into web design depending on the sites needs.

Actionscript is an object-oriented language originally developed by Macromedia Inc. currently owned by Adobe Systems not getting into the different versions. It is a dialect of ECMAScript meaning shares the same syntax/semantics of the popular JavaScript, and is used mainly for the development of websites and software targeting the Adobe Flash Player platform, used on Web pages as an embedded SWF file. Funny that as I write this Blackberry just launched its new TV spot showcasing their tablet (Playbook). What really makes it funny is that they have the Flash Gordon theme song playing, and here I am with this title for my post. Go figure great minds think alike?!

In this age riddled with flash applications for multiple platforms like web, mobile phone and the constantly growing tablet(s). This brings me back to my original statement “The Flash would be a God.” at least until he is toppled by future technologies which are always being developed. One things for sure no one can stay on the mountain top forever!


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