What’s going down in DUMBO

The weather is getting warm (when there’s not a storm that springs up from nowhere), and the brews are a brewing which can only mean one thing. Digital DUMBO is here! Digital DUMBO is an event based in Brooklyn, NY. DUMBO which stands for down under the Brooklyn Manhattan overpass is a flourishing hot bed for digital agencies, some start ups and others who moved there or have been at this location from the very beginning. Some say that DUMBO is today what Soho (Manhattan) used to be a few years back, a place where creative types could congregated and form a strong community. Digital DUMBO is different in that it’s known for digital agencies as opposed to its predecessor the traditional agency. This is the hot spot for the current trends of innovative immerging technology(s), it’s also a place that facilitates idea exchange and a platform for education in the community.

Digital DUMBO is currently organized by Andrew Zarick (formally of The JAR Group & now founder of 100 Best Rap Songs) & Kaitlin Villanova (Carrot Creative), who regularly hold special events sponsored by contributing agencies. Their events are always full of fun, laughter and plenty of silliness, they tend to have a theme like the last event held Ready.Set.Sumo sponsored by RFI Studios (Ruder Finn).  These events are perfect for letting loose after all the days of buckling down to meet client needs, it’s also a perfect opportunity for upcoming creative talent to network and make some new friends which is priceless, not only the experience but the entry as well.

My experiences here have thus far been pleasant, from the great music provided, the awesome loft space to die for (wouldn’t mind living in this space) and not to mention great food coupled with beer and wine. I’ve made cool new friends whether they be developers, designers and even a lawyer who still owes me a sumo match. I plan on continuing to frequent Digital DUMBO for the fact that I like being surrounded by like minded individuals who you will be in great company with.

On another note, if you’re ever in the area be sure to visit the local bar Superfine for good food drinks and pool.

Notable mention of DUMBO agencies are:

Big Spaceship

Carrot Creative


Brooklyn Digital Foundry

Domani Studios






The JAR Group



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