Are you really that popular, a bot or follow hungry?

I will be the first to admit I love Twitter and I stay connected pretty much throughout the day. And while I believe myself to be quite sociable I’ve noticed a good amount of people are putting up some damn impressive numbers.  So what’s deal with all of these numbers I see on my screen under these avatars? And more importantly what does it mean in the world of social media?

First it goes without mentioning that what you put into twitter is what you’ll get out of it. If you’re a social butterfly sort of speak, then there’s a good possibility you have a fair number of followers. And you’re probably doing your fair share of returning those follows (one would hope).

When you start to peel away the onion on this subject you can see how important this could be, famous individuals such as Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian. For instance Kim has a following of over 7 million followers she basically has a little army of fashion divas all running around wanting to be her or just like her. If she told her followers to eat at McDonalds, its guarantee avid McDonald connoisseur’s will have to deal with lunching with 18 year olds plastering make up on while scarfing down a big mac. For Mc D’s this would amount to a spike in revenue, so you can see the power of social media.

These numbers also symbolize something beyond just figures as far as Klout is concerned. Klout is a social media influence measuring site which analyzes your reach or social influence. So basically if you have enough “Klout” more them likely your tweets are being acted upon, this means retweets, clicked links or mentions.

What puzzles me is that Twitter is becoming more about winning a popularity contest than tweeting content that is meaningful. Have you ever noticed tweets by some stating “if you follow this person you’ll get 9,000 followers” or “join #team followback and receive 20k followers”? I have to ask myself why in the world does someone need that many followers, while it seems they only tweet about getting follows? To me that’s not content which merits any value/worth. Ok so I have all of these followers what do they get in return for following me?

I much rather have a few hundred and provide awesome content, than millions and provide crap.