Are Designers Strategist

This industry is one of solving complicated problems for clients. We use a multitude of tools at our disposal, if we’re lucky enough to have access to them all. Those tools encompass everything and anything from analytics (quantative/qualitive), UX design, account planning, copywriting, public relations, illustration and so on… Working as cohesive unit ensures that the creative doesn’t suffer at any given point, being sure the chain is only as strong as its weakest link and hopefully there’s none.

But what about designers, are designers considered strategist all on their own? To those who aren’t creative probably wouldn’t think so, but they would be wrong in their assumption. Design is a critical piece in the strategy of helping a brand solve their marketing problem. How can designers role play such a crucial part? Well for instance a designer when called upon must assess that brands current situation. What is this new partnership trying to accomplish, are we looking to refresh/re-brand an existing one or are we trying to bring a totally brand new one to market.?

What’s the current brand image, does it have a negative stigma attached; meaning do we have to change people’s perception of it? What about a logo’s is the logo projecting what the brand is all about, or maybe it looks too similar to another existing brand? Are the brands colors welcoming generating a positive feeling among consumers? As you can see many questions need to be answered in designing an experience.

Designers are just as a crucial piece to the equation when creating a brand/clients persona. Because let’s not fool ourselves each brand is a living breathing entity. It’s how that entity interacts with its audience that will determine if a brand sinks or swims.


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