The Day the World Lost Social.

This is my first post of the year, I know horrible right?! I don’t have to tell you how crazy things can become, I mean between classes, building sites, work and looking for work who has time for blogging? Well in the spirit of being more consistent in my offerings. I would like to pose the question.

What would happen to today’s current industry, if like the economy realized a total collapse in social media. A world with no Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube or even blogs like this one? What effects would this catastrophe impart on brands and agencies. If you think about it our society is so connected through social media that we would go into shock.

Think for a moment at how many times throughout the day do you tweet or like something on facebook. I catch myself constantly glued to the screen of my mobile no matter what I might be involved with at the moment, grocery shopping, working out or even while watching TV. Talk about social overload.

Now that we are well into the information age (still in the beginning) we put a lot of emphasis on brands building relationships with their consumers. Consumers are more likely to communicate and shop online more than ever. If we experienced a social media disconnect would consumers still be loyal to brands? I’m thinking not, that revenue that say brand A receives via social media would plummet. It’s like if you had a soft drink and placed 3 straws in it but one of those straws had a hole, you wouldn’t get the same amount of cola flowing in distribution wise. No take that and look at it on a global scale, pretty scary stuff.

Where would the industry go from there, would we revert back to more of a traditional advertising role? Would interactive agencies feel a backlash of lesser avenue’s to communicate what latest campaigns they have cooking up for us? So next time you take social media for granted just remember when the world had to use pigeons with a note tied to their foot to communicate that you would be late for dinner.


2 thoughts on “The Day the World Lost Social.

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  2. Jason,

    I enjoyed reading this post and want to congratulate you for getting it written in spite of all the other things demanding your time.

    Your comment about the straws was a terrific illustration of your point—that the absence of social media could in effect siphon focus away from brands.

    I’m grateful to be alive at this point in history. Social media is still in its infancy and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s waiting down the road.

    Keep writing,


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