Deciphering Code.

For those of us looking to enter the industry (students) and fill our own niche are faced with certain decisions to be made. Study in this field will require that you to choose a discipline in which to study intensely, whether it’s art direction, copywriting, account planning and the countless others that I will go more in depth in later entries. Another choice that has emerge out of today’s industry is the choice to choose a more traditional role/agency or an interactive digital role.

Personally I’m more for the latter, I see our industry is already heading in that direction taking more of a technological approach. In that regard I wanted to touch upon one of the disciplines that is growing and becoming more in demand (developers). This can mean a multitude of things such as flash developers, information architects and coders (front end/back end development). Today’s consumer is more sophisticated, tech savvy and harder to reach then yesterday’s consumer, couple that with them having more choices in media. This translates to customers being more in control than brands, and herein lies the dilemma. Brands have to incorporate integrated media into their brand experience in order to grow.

In this day an age of Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Blogs, Vlogs and other social media. Brands are looking at digital agencies to help them deliver engaging content that is compelling. That’s were one aspect of the mentioned disciplines comes into play. The web2.0 consist of websites no surprise there, but what most don’t realize that all of these websites encompass coding to execute the development. Now coding is its own language in itself from HTML, XHTML, CSS to JQuery and too many others to mention, is what those websites are running on. Learning coding takes a great deal of time to learn especially when you start to get into high level code.

It would be a wise decision for students to study a more digital discipline than a traditional one which I believe is dying out slowly. Well actually I don’t think it will die out completely as there will always be print (magazines), TV and radio and even those mediums are being remodeled to accommodate this new tech world. Learning programs like actionscript/motion graphics, BBEdit, Java, PHP, C++, SQL etc… Would benefit the user immensely, just something to think about if you’re looking to emerge in this industry and take it by storm.


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